Member Spotlight                                                      

Shelia Plettenberg - Training Specialist  

Sheila has been in the insurance industry since 1993 and with Payne West since 2011.  She currently is a Training Specialist for Payne West Insurance in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.  Her responsibilities include training Personal Lines and Small business colleagues as they come on board with PayneWest.  She manages and updates the compliance workflows for Epic for these two departments. She is also responsible for additional refresher courses as they are needed for our seasoned colleagues.

She has experience with developing, managing, and delivering training programs, classroom instruction, and one on one computer shadowing. She has completed her TTT. Sheila is an active SITE member. Sheila has obtained her SBCS and has completed INS 21, 22, and AIC 33.

In her free time she enjoys the mountains with her dog, cats, and husband.  Any activity that takes her outside and into the woods.  In previous years she was an EMT/Firefighter with a Volunteer Department. Currently, Sheila volunteers at the local homeless shelter serving lunch.  She participates in Payne West’s campaign of Giving Back in the fall with projects throughout the community. She is planning to register for the 2018 Annual conference in Spokane as well as volunteer.