Member Spotlight -  June 2020                                                  

Melissa Dehn, CPCU, ARM, AIS, ARMP, AU, CWCC - Specialty Insurance Group (SIG) – A Division of Everest Insurance

Melissa is the Director of Training and Development for SIG in Carmel, Indiana.

With 34 years of insurance industry experience, ranging from manual policy assembly to agency principal, Melissa’s focus has been on Commercial Property and Casualty Underwriting and Production. Before joining SIG as an underwriter in March of 2014, Melissa most recently spent time as an Account Executive at Assured Neace Lukens, and as a Middle Market Underwriter at Hanover Insurance Group.

In the six years since Melissa joined the company, the organization evolved, obtaining a strong presence in the marketplace. As SIG rapidly grew, Melissa was moved into a training and development role to address the need to train early talent. Throughout her career, Melissa has enjoyed elements of training and ongoing knowledge-sharing, but with no formal education relative to her new role, she embraced the various aspects of training and facilitation offered to her as a member of the SITE organization.

After completing the SITE Train the Trainer session last June in Memphis, Melissa has acquired the tools to build out formalized development, application, review, and adjustments to a range of training components at Everest. Additionally, having access to an experienced trainer through the SITE Mentorship Program was of great value -- Melissa’s mentor, Kimberly Levitt, provided a sounding board, honest feedback and coaching throughout the process.

Melissa resides in Eaton, Indiana, where she and her husband Brian enjoy the quiet of their farming community. The rural setting allowed for indulging their now-adult children in 10 years of 4H activities ranging from raising pigs to shooting sports. Melissa enjoys photography, a variety of creative endeavors, and volunteer activities.

As an underwriter turned trainer/facilitator, Melissa has a unique perspective when it comes to providing guidance to accomplish a specific task. She is always looking for creative ways to keep both new and experienced employees informed on the ever-changing world of insurance, providing them opportunities to grow as insurance professionals, and finding solutions to challenges (most recently, onboarding a new Assistant Underwriter in our current Work from Home environment). For Melissa, the ability to reach out and effectively communicate to others is the formula for success no matter the project at hand.