Annual Awards

Henry C. Drewes Loyalty Award

This award is the highest and most prestigious among the SITE awards. It is given to someone who has demonstrated strong commitment to SITE, worked to strengthen SITE as an organization and has represented SITE in a positive manner, contributing to SITE’s purpose and mission. The award is named after Hank Drewes, an honorary, life member of SITE and the first SITE executive director.

The President’s Award

The SITE President’s Award recognizes the individual who provided the most help, support, and advice to the SITE president during his or her term.

Corporate Award

The Corporate Award is given to the member firm that has provided outstanding support to SITE.

Lois A. Markovich Innovation Award

The award recognizes organizations for new and innovative training programs as well as commitment to continued improvement through innovation. The award was rechristened the Lois A. Markovich Innovation Award in 2007 to honor the outstanding service and commitment of SITE’s retired executive director, Lois Markovich.

Past Recipients

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Henry C. Drewes Loyalty Award

2018 SITE Henry C. Drewes Loyalty Award


2017        Barb Gavitt


 2018      Jim Chaney

2016       Tammy Alsene


2015       Christine Marciano


2014       Kate Manthey & Sharon Koches


2013       Brad Gutcher


2012       Ken Swymer & Paul Balbresky


2011       Sandy Masters


2010       Arthur Carvajal


2009       John Jackson


2008       Kevin Goyke


2007       Pat McCarthy



The President’s Award

2018 SITE President's Award

2018        Suma Elwell


2017       Elise Quadrozzi

2016       Brad Gutcher & Art Carvajal


2015      Teresa Headrick & Paul           Balbresky


2014       Deborah Davenport & Mark Fine


2013       Brenda Davis


2012       Chris Behymer


2011       Cindy Davidson


2010       Sandy Masters


2009       Karen Scott


2008       Sandy Masters



Corporate Award

2018 SITE Coporate Award

2017      Nationwide


 2018      I-CAR

2016       WebFX


2015       Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.


2014       State Farm Insurance


2013       Liberty Mutual Insurance


2012       Germania Insurance


2011       Keir Educational Resources and Vale Training Solutions


2010       The Institutes


2009       Allstate Insurance Company


2008       Selective Insurance


2007       International Insurance Institute (III)

Lois A. Markovich Innovation Award

2018 SITE Lois A. Markovich Innovation Award

2016       Maricopa County Community College District 

 2018      "Momentum: Escape Room"                                     (Frankenmuth Insurance)

2015       Nationwide


2014       “Levers!” (State Farm Insurance)


2013       Nautilus Insurance


2012       Blue Shield of California


2011       “State Farm University” (State Farm Insurance)


2010       "Horace Mann P&C Claims" (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts)


2009       “Customer Connection Corps” (Farmers Insurance)


2008       “New Hire Associate Training Model” (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts)


2007       “Quoting Accuracy Initiative” (Allstate)


2006       “Inter-Plan Business Modules” (Health Care Services Corp.)



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