Board Positions and Benefits 

Being a member of the SITE Board of Directors is not only a great way to give back to the insurance training community, it has professional growth benefits as well. Read on for some real life examples! 

Deborah Davenport - SITE Past - President 

" As a 'team of one' in my organization, I found it difficult to show management that I could lead others.  Serving as a SITE Board Member provided the opportunity to show my organization that I was capable of leading a team." 

Evelyn Jorgensen, SCLA, AIC, ITP - Vice President Member Services

"Serving on the SITE BOD has provided me with multiple opportunities:

- Not only do I get to contribute and give back to an organization that I believe in, I get to help with the strategic direction of that organization.

- I've learned great leadership skills from other Board Members which helps me to be a better leader within my own organization.

- It's provided me with the opportunity to expand my network of professional peers...and make a lot of new friends along the way!

- Participating and working with enthusiastic and committed thought leaders in my field has not only been rewarding, it's been inspiring.  I have taken away so much that I can use in both my personal and professional life.

-  The senior leadership team in my own organization has been extremely supportive of my participation on the SITE BOD. It helps me to develop or fine tune skills such as strategic planning, financial planning or marketing that I may not normally have in my current job. Not only can these skills help me in my current job, it also opens up new areas of opportunity for me by providing me with actual experience. "

If you are interested in a board position, click the link below for the board application form.  Please email the completed form to the Regional Vice President for your area. 

Board Application Form 

Board and RVP Contact Information 


  1. Presides over all Board and Executive Committee Meetings and the Annual Business Meeting. The President’s term is one year; however, according to the Bylaws the President may serve two consecutive terms.
  2. Sets specific dates and locations for all Board and Executive Committee Meetings, first clearing everyone’s schedule in advance. These are the suggested times for such meetings:
    1. Following the Annual Conference [OPTIONAL]
    2. Fall Meeting (Aug-Oct)
    3. Spring Meeting (Feb-April)
    4. Prior to the Annual Conference
  3. Prepares and distributes a tentative agenda to all members of the Board or to the Executive Committee prior to a meeting. Requests input from Board Members/Executive Committee before finalizing the agenda.
  4. Appoints Audit Committee (prior to annual meeting).
  5. Assigns any SITE project approved by Board or Executive Committee to Board Member(s) or other member(s) as circumstances dictate.
  6. Writes “President’s Message” to appear in each issue of InSITE.
  7. Writes letters on behalf of SITE (e.g. congratulatory letters to AIM award recipient, Corporate Award, etc).
  8. Hosts President’s Reception at Annual Conference.
  9. Sends letter to superior(s) of newly appointed and outgoing Board Members, indicating appreciation for support given the employee for his/her participation as a SITE Board Member.
  10. Receives complimentary suite for official nights of Annual Meeting plus a complimentary registration for self and guest.


Vice President, Membership

  1. Promotes recruiting and member development activities through the Regional Vice Presidents.
  2. Establishes regional meeting goals with the Regional Vice Presidents.
    1. Communicates these goals to the Board of Directors.
    2. Reports to the Board on behalf of the Regional Vice Presidents who are not in attendance at the Board meeting.
    3. Follows up on Regional Vice President activities, as needed.
  3. Provides assistance and advice to the Regional Vice Presidents.
  4. Makes sure the Executive Director has information on regional activities and membership for publication on the website and in the Society newsletter, InSITE.
  5. Responds to any inquiries from the E.D. regarding membership (e.g. designee status, inappropriate use of membership directory, etc).
  6. Coordinates the implementation and expansion of various SITE activities, such as new member services.
  7. Methodically seeks out potential leaders from among SITE’s present members to fill future vacancies on the Board of Directors and is a member of the nominating committee.


Vice President, Annual Conference

  1. Is responsible for the planning, organizing and implementing of SITE’s Annual Conference.
  2. Other specific important duties prior to the Annual Conference include:
    1. Selection of the committee Chairpersons.
    2. Prepares the Annual Conference budget, which must be submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors.
    3. Submission of timely status reports on preparations for the Annual Conference. These usually will be presented at meetings of the Board of Directors.
  3. For advice and counsel, the Vice President - Annual Conference should feel free to confer with other members of the Board of Directors, and especially the most recent Vice President - Annual Conference, the Society President and the Executive Director.
  4. Annual Conference Statement – prepared and distributed for the full Board Meeting following the Annual Conference.


Vice President, Marketing

  1. Is responsible for the planning and implementing of SITE’s Marketing Plan which includes:
    • Annual update of the Marketing Toolkit.
    • Establish communication list for topics and themes for InSITE and News You Can Use articles for board members to use throughout the year.
    • Establishing strategic alliances and partnerships with other organizations that support the aims of SITE.
    • Working with VP-Member Services and Regional VP’s to establish annual goals for individual and corporate membership.
    • Develop strategic plan to expand membership to include a variety of insurance audiences.
  2. Submits budget needs to the Treasurer for inclusion into the annual budget.
  3. Submits regular reports to the board on progress of the implementation of the marketing plan; submits regular articles to InSITE, News You Can Use and other communication media
  4. Attends and participates in all board meetings and monthly conference calls.
  5. Assists with other projects and initiatives at the request of the President.


Secretary (may be joined with Treasurer)

  1. Attends all Board meetings, and takes minutes at these meetings.
    1. Make any changes needed in the minutes from the previous meeting.
    2. Sends copies of the minutes to all Board members and the Executive Director within two weeks following of the meeting. Accepts corrections and reissues thereafter.
    3. Sends the official copy of the minutes electronically at the end of the Society year to the E.D. for keeping on the SITE PC and with other official records.
  2. Confirms that the Executive Director maintains a file containing all of SITE’s insurance policies presently in force.


Treasurer (may be joined with Secretary)

  1. Is responsible to see that all financial records of the Society are maintained.
  2. Monthly reviews financial statements: Balance Sheet, Budget to Actual, bank statements, income and expense registers. Reviews all transfers between accounts.
  3. Prepares statements for Board meetings.
    1. Balance Sheet, Budget report.
    2. Annual Statement - prepared for the Board Meeting held just prior to the Annual Conference, and for review at the Annual Business Meeting.
  4. Prepares the annual Society budget and for the first Board Meeting of the Society year and revises and reports same at each meeting.
  5. Reviews a summary of the Society’s financial position for publication in the Nov/Dec InSITE.
  6. Responsible for distributing Expense Guidelines and Expense Report forms to all Board members.


Immediate Past President

  1. Serves as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee for the year following completion of term as president.
    1. Selects Committee members to assist in identifying a slate of officers for the next Society year. It is recommended that the current president and incoming president be consulted on possible slate.
    2. Once the slate of incoming officers is decided upon by the Nominating Committee, and approved by the Board of Directors, the Past President contacts each nominee for a short bio, interest statement and photo for InSITE.
  2. Recommends to the Board of Directors a conference site for the next available year. The Board of Directors makes a final decision.
  3. In the event that the Editor cannot continue his/her duties, the Past President acts as interim Editor until a successor is named.
  4. Is appointed by President to chair an appropriate committee such as Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Board development, publication review, sponsorship, etc.
  5. Performs other duties as assigned by the President such as coordinating any special projects (e.g. Insurance Designation Directory).