The Society was formed for the primary objective of stimulating the growth and professional development of its members to the benefit of their respective insurance companies and the insurance business as a whole through research and the exchange of ideas related to education and training.

Founded in 1953, SITE is a membership organization of training professionals in the insurance and financial services industry. Anyone involved in training, organizational development, human resources, instructional design, performance consulting, management or technical training, continuing education or solution provider services would benefit from membership in SITE. Anyone who is interested in upping their game with storytelling, presentation skills and the ability to masterfully create and develop content that resonates with audiences is also welcome to join! Our insurance learning and development community is here to collaborate with you! 

As you meet other SITE members, you will experience their willingness to share information to help you address your business challenges and opportunities. This willingness to help is a special value added SITE tradition of which we are very proud. It’s one of the things that set SITE apart from many other organizations. Be sure to take advantage of it!

Past Presidents

SITE, The Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators (formerly known as the Insurance Companies’ Education Directors Society – ICEDS), has existed for more than fifty years. The leadership exhibited by the past presidents has had an enormous impact on the success and growth of your Society. The support given to the Society by their respective employers at the time of their service as president is also very much appreciated.

Term Past President Employer
2018-19 Sandra Colley Nationwide
2017-18 Sandra Colley Nationwide
2016-17 Deborah Davenport  Germaina Insurance 
2015-16 Deborah Davenport  Germaina Insurance 
2014-15 Brad Gutcher Nationwide Insurance Company
2013-14 Brenda Davis Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
2012-13 Mark Fine MBF Training and Consulting LLC
2011-12 Teresa Headrick Independent Training Consultant
2010-11 Brenda Davis Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
2009-10 Paul Balbresky Balbresky Consulting Services
2008-09 Sandra Masters Sandra L. Masters Marketing & Consulting LLC
2007-08 Karen Scott Allstate Insurance Company
2006-07 Cynthia Davidson Kaplan Financial Education
2005-06 Susan Cohen Slavet* Liberty Mutual Group
2004-05 Beth Gamble Riggins So. Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co.
2002-04 Patricia McCarthy Allstate Insurance Company
2001-02 Stephen Anderson Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO)
2000-01 Susan Cohen Slavet* Liberty Mutual Group
1999-2000 Kenneth Dauscher American Institute for AICPCU
1998-99 John T. Jackson GMAC
1997-98 Ira Blatt Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO)
1996-97 Harry T. Fine West Bend Mutual Insurance Co.
1995-96 Gary T. McShane Metropolitan Prop. & Casualty Ins. Co.
1994-95 Lois A. Markovich Markovich & Associates
1993-94 Bettyann Murphy Wm. H. McGee & Co., Inc.
1992-93 S. Wesley Porter, Jr. American Institute for AICPCU
1991-92 Kim M. Southworth SAFECO Insurance Companies
1990-91 Richard H. Lepak Wausau Insurance Companies
1989-90 John Peters Metropolitan Prop. & Casualty Ins. Co.
1988-89 Gordon Rose* The American College
1987-88 John Reynolds SAFECO Insurance Group
1986-87 William C. Priegnitz* American Training Consultants
1985-86 Lois A. Markovich California State Auto Association
1984-85 James E. Dockter Professional Book Distributors, Inc.
1983-84 Ernest O. Lange* National Grange Mutual
1982-83 Thomas A. Manor GAB Business Services, Inc.
1981-82 Kenneth M. Lane The Merritt Company
1980-81 Robert D. Cecil Grange Mutual Companies
1979-80 Shirley A. Markette Southern Farm Bureau Tech.
1978-79 Thomas E. Green Wausau Insurance Cos.
1977-78 John E. Darnall* Employee Insurance of Texas
1976-77 Ronald C. Damon Home Insurance
1975-76 William F. Monk American International Group
1974-75 William Grogg State Farm Companies
1973-74 James I. Mackenzie General Adjustment Bureau
1972-73 Mark Sherman Country Companies
1971-72 Donald J. Bauman Allstate Insurance Company
1970-71 Richard F. Maguire Motor Club of America
1969-70 Frederick J. Dugle Kemper Group
1968-69 Ronald D. Shives Reliance Insurance Co.
1967-68 Lorin K. Schoephoerster* State Automobile Mutual Ins. Co.
1966-67 Fred J. Wells* Crum and Forster
1965-66 Harold G. Carmany* Nationwide Insurance Company
1964-65 Paul A. Jordan* Great American Insurance Company
1963-64 Chester W. Higgins* American Mutual Liability Ins. Co.
1962-63 Acis Jenkinson, III* Insurance Company of North America
1961-62 John J. Leddy* Fireman's Fund American Ins. Cos.
1960-61 David J. McGrath* Allstate Insurance Company
1959-60 Allan Wikman* General Adjustment Bureau
1958-59 Louis Kortum American Surety Company
1957-58 William C. Moore* Continental Insurance Companies
1956-57 M. J. Pierce* Standard Accident Insurance Company
1955-56 Lewis V. Irvine The Travelers
1954-55 John M. Breen* Kemper Group
1953-54 H. Paul Abbott* Insurance Company of North America
*Deceased **Companies shown above are those applicable as of the year of their presidency.

All past presidents are life members of the Society.